Blue canary in the outlet by the light switch
You noticed the light inside.

You found images and art I created, revealing more about me.

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Tent and bicycle under painted bridge Steven Universe characters in the style of Clue movie characters Wayfinder on top of North Berwick Law Cherry blossoms in peak bloom in the Tidal Basin Poster: Now will never come again Lake front path in bright afternoon sun Cyclists speeding past during race in Uptown Minneapolis Monster box with mouth holding Halloween candy Beach landscape in Menton France Two Door Cinema Club band playing on stage at First Avenue Samus Aran Cherry blossoms in bloom in The Regent's Park Reflective view of a lake from a canoe Black cat reaching out of frame from atop a chair Collection of figurines from different cartoons Cocktail in front of liquor bottles Tour de France riders racing down a section of Rue de Rivoli on the last day of the 2019 tour Leafless trees at night backlit by white clouds Close up of Les Nymphéas de Claude Monet Woman singing expressively into microphone Woman lifting a large pumpkin balanced on her knee Crosshatch drawing of a rose Fox McCloud figurine Sailboat on Lake Harriet in sunny fall weather They Might Be Giants playing on stage at First Avenue Pumpkin carving of Jack Skellington Flowering gorse covering Holyrood Park Outline drawing of woman tearing open packet with her teeth while cooking Friendship rose Docked sailboats on a lake at sunset Cyclist shaped sign for the Tour de France Minneapolis skyline at night reflecting on the Mississippi River Frozen lake surface under bridge They Might Be Giants playing at First Avenue Steven Universe characters looking at sunset from the shore of a lake Colorful fall leaves in northern Minnesota First morning light on town of Menton Cherry blossoms in bloom Geroge Floyd RIP memorial Elevator to Earth core exhibit at the National History Museum in UK Grey cat looking up quietly Overlook of Princes Street Gardens and north Edinburgh from Edinburgh Castle Wild duck on lake beach Dramatically lit clouds at sunset Cherry blossoms in full bloom Pink roses Apple pastry Girl hugging a stuffed bear Pumpkin carving of a goose wearing a pointed hat and standing on a pile jack o' lanterns Edinburgh Castle from inside Princes Street Gardens London open street cycling event RideLondon Person bundled up in winter clothing sledding quickly downhill Cherry blossoms on a few high branches against deep blue sky Chicago skyline from John Hancock Center Bowing cardinal Band in front of Ready to start? message They Might Be Giants instant fan club keychain Protest fist at George Floyd Memorial Vibrant pointed pink and purple flowers Monarch butterfly preparing for migration Animal Crossing avatar enjoying the beachfront patio Lake Harriet north beach at dusk Tall trees in forest partially changed color for fall Wall of race numbers