File sharing for enterprise business

Provide enterprise employees a mobile application for file sharing and syncing product. Core features allowed quick access to view files, share links, and save files locally to the device for offline access.

Online courses mobile

Redesign of mobile application to allow learners to access their coursework and learning resources more easily and consistently across platforms.

Learning and support resources

Interactive tools to help learners succeed in and out of the classroom. Featured tools are a military benefits finder, IRB submission tool, resume writing guide, and scholarly search builder.

About me

Good products happen by design. Good products help people. They inspire them. They delight them.

I help weave together the experience of a product. I work out the particulars of interacting with a product, so that when people do experience it, they can be helped, inspired, and delighted—all by design.

I have worked as a designer for 7 years. I have a graphic design degree from the University of Minnesota. I even have the know how to fix a flat bike tire, throw a Frisbee sidearm and write a novel in 30 days. All that I have gets brought to the table in design.

You can create a number of pronunciations for my unique name, but the one I answer to is pronounced tɛs-sa.

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